Dark Dominion


Dark Dominion There dwells in Manhattan a man who sees the things we think we see out of the corners of our eyes, the things children see in the darkness under the bed, and the shadowy familiars of the mad.

His name is Michael Alexander, and he has conquered fear, thus flinging wide the doors of perception that most humans dare not unseal. He is witness to the landscape of the id.

It is all around us!

Perhaps this substratum of our reality was created when the Great Schism occurred, or perhaps it was always there.

But there is great danger all around us, just beyond perception, just a step aside from the solid world we think is real.

And Michael Alexander is the sole Glimmer of hope against the forces that would turn the power of fear against humankind, and refashion the world into a Dark Dominion.

In 1993, Jim Shooter launched DEFIANT with its flagship title, WARRIORS OF PLASM.
DARK DOMINION debuted two months later, with issue #1 (October 1993).
I picked up Dark Dominion #1 and was immediately impressed--the concept is unique and the characters are original and very well-conceived. Dark Dominion only ran 10 issues before Defiant stopped publishing...I say that's 10 issues of must-reading for serious comic fans.
Created By: Jim Shooter
Series and Characters Developed By: Jim Shooter and Steve Ditko


A column by Jim Shooter in issue #1 of Dark Dominion

Welcome to Manhattan, You'll notice that people stare at the sidewalk in front of them as they walk, avoiding even fleeting eye contact. Late at night, on a lonely block, they may cross the street to avoid passing close by you, though it's a well-lit block, though you're well-dressed and unthreatening, though probably hundreds of people are within shouting distance. You step into the elevator in an apartment building. A person already in the elevator cab darts out just before the door closes to avoid riding alone with you, though they've probably seen you before, though they know you've passed the scrutiny of the doorman.

Don't get in trouble here. No one will help you. No one wants to get involved, because then they may wind tip in trouble, too, and who's going to help them? They turn their backs, they cross the street, they ignore you.

They're afraid. A palpable fear pervades this town. If you live here, you know it intimately. Anyone who spends much time here soon becomes aware of it. People from other big cities less afflicted sense it instantly. Small town Midwesterners often have to get mugged first. It's not entirely paranoia after all.

I've been thinking about this for a long time. I thought about it while sitting in a hearing room once listening to a superficially respectable-looking fellow lying his tail off tinder oath. As I watched this fellow shifting, sweating and scrambling to keep his dissembling sounding credible, I realized that be was very much afraid. And I realized that it's not the crime and violence in the city that cause the fear-it's the other way around.

It's the unspoken "or else" that lets you understand the way fear drives evil. Gotta steal it or else I'll never get it. Gotta get them or else they'll get me. Gotta eat it, have it, do it now, or else my one chance will be gone. Gotta look down on everybody or else they'll look down on me.

Fear is the root of all evil. Works of evil create the climate for more fear. It's not entirely paranoia....

Somewhere along the line, a balance was tipped, and Manhattan began a long, slow slide into the abyss. I said the fear was palpable. It's getting worse.

Our new title, debuting with this issue, is called DARK DOMINION. It's about Manhattan. It's about fear and evil and the one man who isn't afraid. It was created by myself and Steve Ditko, who, of course, created Doctor Strange and co-created Spider-Man. It's written by Len Wein, who brought you the Phantom Stranger, Swamp Thing, and the new X-Men. It's drawn by Joe James and inked by Bob Downs and Mike Barreiro. It's powerful, super-action-filled, chilling, intense stuff. It's the cornerstone of the DEFIANT universe. I rarely do a salespitch in my column, but this one I especially recommend.

Don't be afraid.

Ours is a universe governed by quantum mechanics wherein matter is also energy and particles are also waves.

We are each a coalescence of forces in the quantum field, an eddy in the stream of timespace--a radiant nexus of energy, organized into a form that our limited senses perceive as solid matter.

Like a magnet that bends unseen lines of force around itself, which iron fillings sprinkled on a piece of paper will betray, we are each one a powerful generator of an unseen nimbus of force.

Given our limited senses, it is difficult to conceive of the quantum nature of things. We bite into an apple-a simple event-but in quantum terms, two fields of energy are interacting, one shearing through the other.

Drops of nectar composed of minute particles, which are also waves, transact with waves, which are also particles, which comprise the sensory structures on our tongues. Then more waves are relayed across a vast distance, relative to the quantum scale, to a central locus, where they trigger a series of reactions. Thus we conceive of the nature of the energy field we have just encountered-we taste the apple.

Conception is reality in our quantum universe.

We can conceive far more than we can perceive.

There are exactly as many things in Heaven and Earth as are dreamt of in our philosophy.

All we imagine is real.

Only the limits are imaginary.

Jim Shooter
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